KaAY Studios is a Full-Service Movie Studio with stages in East Providence, North Kingstown, Rhode Island and Foxboro Massachusetts.

About Us

Our Company

Based out of Rhode Island, KAY Studios is a full-service motion-picture company operating “dedicated” stages for film and video production.

Our mission is simple: Ensure filming and production in the Ocean State is easy, hassle-free and cost-effective. We fulfill this mission by providing everything needed to film in Rhode Island - from stages and locations to extras and production-support services through our resources, abundant crews, ties with the Rhode Island Film Commission, and our various partnerships with Rhode Island’s business owners.

We also believe in quality. All of KAY Studios’ services are managed by industry professionals -- professionals who understand what it takes to make a feature film and who know how to meet your production needs smoothly and efficiently.

Filming with us is also more economical. As a Rhode Island company, production companies that film with KAY Studios are able to take advantage of Rhode Island’s very- attractive, 25% Motion Picture Company Transferable Tax Credit (H7839-A/4 2006), considerably lowering production costs.